Join us on a visual journey into an incredibly colorful, vibrant world on canvas...

Jody Valmassy's contemporary, introspective paintings capture visions of people, animals and nature in layers of fluid motion. A collaboration of transparent and opaque acrylic paint translates into rich images full of depth, dimension and movement.

Her expressive painting technique has developed through many years as a photo-realistic artist interweaving with a surrealistic atmosphere teetering on the edge of detail and mystery.

For Jody this is a liberating and joyful way to paint as she creates these textural pieces using her hands, wooden tools and brushes; layering drips, splatters and swirls with vivid color. She develops these dynamic paintings as they ultimately transform into clever and intriguing multi-dimensional stories on canvas.

These evocative works draw the observer in deeper as the images reveal themselves. This interaction connects the viewer with both painting and artist as they discover the creative elements woven into each unique piece.

Embrace the experience!

Jody Valmassy Artist


My quaint, little studio nestled in the forest, where the magic happens!